Photos, Text and Simple Solutions

I have a cheap laptop and a cheap phone. During the pandemic, while video conferencing was all the rage, I had only two such experiences in part because my laptop is too cheap and doesn't handle that well.

I accepted the first invitation as kind of a "throw away" experience to help me work out the bugs for the second meeting that was part of something that actually mattered to me. I found my video lagged badly and I ended up closing EVERYTHING up and rebooting the computer just before the second meeting and that got me less bad results.

But it also taught me this isn't a format that works well for me at the moment and not just because my computer equipment is "budget" and just not up to par. I am on a noisy street, have no privacy in my small rental, etc.

What has been working well for me here lately is taking photos with my cheap phone and posting them to one of my Reddits. The cheap phone limits the quality of the photos but to some degree I make up for that by having a decent eye, being persistent and taking many photos and picking out just a few decent ones to share.

That's what professional photographers do anyway. Years ago, I used to read print fashion magazines and the cover photo was usually the end result of the effrots of a professional model, a professional hair stylist, a professional makeup artist, a professional wardrobe stylist and a professional photographer. The photographer took like 300 photos and used one or two of them.

So me taking a lot of photos and only using a few isn't evidence I'm bad at this. That's just kind of par for the course.

I have taken endless photos of my fingers over my camera lens on my phone, terribly unflattering photos of my face when my camera got turned around and I didn't realize it because I often can't clearly see my screan in the glare outside and just tons of bad photos of buildings in my downtown area.

I usually do a single post per day with original photos and I am learning to use Post Flair, the caption feature on Reddit and the ability to add a link to such posts. I then often leave a comment in the post with additional info.

But I'm trying to add density of info with as few words as possible in this case. So I'm focusing on making good photos, titling it well, using Post Flair, captioning it well and including a link if possible/appropriate. I'm trying to focus more on that stuff and less on being chatty.

I'm a writer by trade, so I tend to express myself with words and sometimes that's good and sometimes that's not such a great thing. I'm exploring other ways to express myself here lately.

Yesterday, I was cleaning up my Twitter account and deleting bunches of stuff -- something I tend to do every so often -- and in the process of doing that I realized that when I post photos to Reddit from my phone, it isn't cross-posting to my Twitter account. This wasn't exactly a shocking revelation but it ended being something I spent some time on trying to resolve when in the past I was sort of vaguely aware this was likely true but hadn't really tried to fix the issue.

So I did a bit of searching for articles and I did a bit of futzing around with the Reddit app. I never found a way to cross-post to Twitter from the app as part of posting to Reddit like I can do while on my laptop but I did eventually realize I can just click "Share" on the Reddit app and tweet it from there.

So now I just need to try to remember that extra step. That seems like the least pain-in-the-butt answer here.

Maybe someday Reddit with include a checkbox on the app for that the way do for Desktop mode. Until then, "remember to ALSO tweet it from the Reddit app after posting" is my new hack.